Apples with gastritis, can it be baked( baked), apple juice during treatment?

August 25, 2017 23:00 | Gastritis

Apples with gastritis Can I have apples with gastritis?In order to deal with this issue, you will have to study a lot, understand the composition and properties of the fruit.This is one of the most common fruits.They can be eaten all year round, but to whom?About the harm and benefit for a long time, both doctors and nutritionists argue.Apples are used in fresh form, baked, make compotes, jam, jams, jam, etc.If the average person does not eat this fruit in a fresh state throughout the year, it still finds him in a different quality.On the shelves of the store there is a huge selection of apple juice.

Benefits and harm from apples for gastritis

Apples with gastritis can be These fruits contain a rich content of useful vitamins, such as: C, B1, B2, E and P. And also magnesium, iron and calcium.They are used for the prevention of colds and flu, the treatment of malignant tumors.Very important advantages.In addition, the potassium contained in them contributes to the normalization of blood pressure, and calcium strengthens tooth enamel and bone tissue.

It is impossible not to notice the fact that apples are almost hypoallergenic, and, therefore, they can be eaten by almost everyone and even allergic people.

Green apples contain fiber, which, if ingested in the stomach for a long time, prevents a person from feeling hungry.A pectin will provide a fresh face and prolong youthful skin.

There is a good, but there is harm.Who can damage such a fruit, saturated with vitamins and nutrients.Now, apple diets are gaining popularity, from which people lose excess weight.Do not forget that an element such as fiber can not only help the body, but also harm it.When you consume a large amount of fiber there is an exacerbation of colitis, which in the end gives a disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and gastritis.From this it follows that in case of gastritis or ulcers, harm can also be obtained.Fiber is rough, and this food is contraindicated.

It is proven that even bones can harm the body, since they contain acid and iodine.More than 5 apples can not be eaten, especially with gastritis.

Can I have apples for gastritis?

Can I have apples for gastritis? They are eaten depending on the form of gastritis.With increased acidity, it is recommended to consume sweet varieties.In the first week after an exacerbation of a gastritis it is better to eat them in a liver kind.

Note: because of the content in the sweet varieties of carotene, iron, calcium, potassium and manganese, they are advised to eat when intestinal infections occur.

In folk medicine there is even a prescription for treating gastritis with apples.For this, we need to take fruit, better green varieties, wash them well, peel and seeds.Then they should be grated on a small grater or grind in a blender.Thus, the mashed potatoes are produced.To eat, turned out puree, you need early in the morning, 4 hours before breakfast.Reception is carried out once a day, exclusively in the morning, in the evenings it is not necessary to do this, otherwise there will be gases that will not lead to anything good.Such a menu should be daily during the first month, the second can be reduced to 3 times a week, on the third 1 time in 7 days or completely stopped.

Baked apples for gastritis

Baked apples for gastritis Baked apples should be present in the diet of a sick person, of course.It is desirable that this was at the beginning of an exacerbation.British doctors conducted a study during which it was proved that baked apples are needed for patients with chronic gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Head of the research team Sarah Howell shared her opinion on this matter:

- Baked fruit does not require a strong stomach tension during processing, and this is a very positive fact in the treatment of gastritis.To study were taken patients with gastroenterology, which were assigned different diet, diet.The best result was for baked apples.They have a particularly positive effect if they are eaten for breakfast and dinner.

According to scientists, baked apples contain a unique combination of enzymes and microelements that can stimulate the proper operation of the stomach.

Apple juice with gastritis

Apple juice with gastritis Composition of apple juice:

  • Dietary fiber;
  • P-active compounds;
  • Vegetable proteins;
  • Catechins;
  • Leukoanthocyanins;
  • Essential oils;
  • Phytoncides;
  • Tannins.

During an exacerbation of a gastritis with the raised or increased acidity to drink an apple juice it is not recommended, differently it is fraught with that he will outgrow in a ulcer.But with reduced acidity, it is more likely that the body will only benefit.Normalized gastric juice, if you drink 150 ml 2 times a day for 10 minutes before meals.The course of treatment is 10 days.