Effective treatment of gastritis - modern methods

August 25, 2017 23:00 | Gastritis

Effective treatment of gastritis One of the most common gastrointestinal diseases is gastritis.As a result of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenum, the functions of the digestive system are disrupted, the pain syndrome develops, the general state of health worsens and fatigue appears, so it is necessary to start effective treatment of gastritis with modern methods.

Gastritis is dangerous because in a few years it is able to degenerate into stomach cancer, if effective treatment with modern methods does not have an initial stage, start the disease.

Modern methods of treatment

In the form of flow, gastritis is divided into acute, treated with modern methods for 2-3 weeks at home, but on condition of contact with a doctor, and chronic, which is effectively treated on an outpatient basis.


Modern and effective methods of getting rid of acute gastritis at home often imply a therapeutic diet without taking antibiotics.

For more effective treatment of gastritis it is necessary to clean the stomach with boiled

, but not hot water with a weak solution of manganese or simply drink a lot of warm tea.It is effective to drink herbal teas, medicinal and modern gastric gatherings in small portions and often.Tea should be warm, because with gastritis the use of strongly hot drinks and dishes is contraindicated.

After cleansing, you can begin an effective therapeutic diet, which consists in frequent and small consumption of food steamed dishes;Mashed fruits.Before meals, during or after drinking 1 glass of milk.Drinking milk on an empty stomach is also effective in treatment, but milk should not replace a full meal, because due to its liquid properties in the stomach, it does not stay long.


When preparing meat dishes for a couple of pieces of meat, mostly low-fat, beaten with a hammer or twisted through a meat grinder, prepare cutlets.

Rigid and dry food for gastritis is contraindicated, especially during the treatment period, otherwise all the effectiveness of treatment will be reduced to zero.

Modern methods of treatment of gastritis Garnish is prepared with mashed potatoes or buckwheat.Salads are made from vitamin vegetables, without pepper and salt.With effective treatment, the diet should be kept for 2-3 weeks and try to stick to the extent possible.After leaving the diet, it is recommended not to abuse smoked, salty and spicy dishes, to refrain from using nicotine and alcohol.The thin gastric mucosa is treated for a very long time, and two to three weeks may not be enough, so the periods of exacerbation will be every time, as soon as food gets into the stomach, irritating the affected mucous membrane.Sometimes, until full recovery, treatment is delayed for several months.


Effective methods of treatment include an additional intake of drugs that are prescribed by a gastroenterologist on the basis of the results of the tests.And depending on the increased or decreased acidity, as well as the presence of Helicobacteriosis or other harmful bacteria, different drugs and antibiotics can be prescribed for effective treatment.

The main action of antibiotics is to kill harmful bacteria.All other prescribed drugs should be aimed at enveloping the affected gastric mucosa, so that the epithelial cells are renewed and the mucosa is restored.With increased acidity, drugs that neutralize hydrochloric acid are prescribed, and with reduced acidity, enzyme preparations are prescribed.