Erosive atrophic gastritis( with erosions) and its treatment

August 25, 2017 23:00 | Gastritis

Erosive atrophic gastritis Erosive atrophic gastritis is a pathological disease in which the gastric mucosa is affected.Mucous can be affected in one place, and simultaneously in several places.

At the initial stage of the disease, the wound has a small size, while they are located on the outside of the stomach.When the disease develops, the wound becomes a kind of erosion.

The main causes of the disease include poor nutrition, excessive use of alcohol and medicines.Atrophic gastritis with erosions can have several forms:

  1. The sharp form.
  2. Chronic form.

In acute manifestation of erosive atrophic gastritis, the patient experiences constant pain in the abdomen.Most often the pain is worse after eating food.Vomiting and heartburn may also occur.In severe attacks, vomiting may contain a little blood and gastric juice.Blood can also be present in the stool.

In a chronic manifestation of erosive atrophic gastritis, the patient experiences a slight discomfort in the stomach.The chair constantly changes from constipation to a l

oose stool, and after a time, vice versa.The patient constantly feels heartburn and nausea.

Treatment of atrophic erosive gastritis

Atrophic erosive gastritis - treatment Having felt the first signs of the disease, the patient must urgently seek emergency medical care.To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor conducts a study.When the diagnosis of subatrophic erosive gastritis is confirmed, treatment is prescribed.Such a disease is the initial degree of an ulcer, and therefore, it must be treated concomitantly.


Elimination of erosive atrophic gastritis can be divided into several stages:

  • First the patient must undergo therapy aimed at killing Helicobacter pylori.The doctor prescribes Levofloxacin, Tetracycline and Amoxicillin.In the event that the therapy was not passed to the end, the bacterium begins to recover, which means that the course of treatment will need to be done first.
  • Once the malicious environment is over, you can proceed to the next recovery phase.To eliminate subtrophic erosive gastritis, it is necessary to adjust the acidity.Most often doctors prescribe acid blockers and antacids.It is strictly forbidden to choose medicines on your own.It is necessary to follow the instructions of the gastroenterologist.
  • Often, antacids have a bad effect on the digestive system, therefore, specialists write out to their patients enzymes - Mezim, Festal or Digestal.
  • The final stage of therapy is the restoration of the integrity of the stomach.In order to accelerate the process of mucosal regeneration, patients are prescribed an Iberogast, which enhances the ingress of oxygen to the affected areas.

If the erosive atrophic gastritis has been started and the patient has experienced severe bleeding, the doctor sends it for surgery.Only surgical intervention can eliminate bleeding.


Folk Remedies for the Disease

Atrophic gastritis with erosions Erosive atrophic gastritis can be eliminated faster by combining medication and folk remedies.The most common remedy is sea buckthorn oil, which helps to heal wounds.Such oil can be bought in any pharmacy or cooked independently.It is best to eat sea buckthorn oil for half an hour before a meal.

Also in the fight against atrophic gastritis and erosions will help decoctions of herbs.Most often, St. John's wort, valerian, a leaf of a birch, a hops and a chemist's camomile is used.The grass should be shallow so that it can be brewed.Decoctions can be taken five times a day.