Ice cream with gastritis, can I eat?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Gastritis

Ice cream with gastritis Gastritis is an extremely unpleasant disease of the stomach, which is provoked by irritation and inflammation of the mucosa.Therefore, first of all, in order to cure this ailment appoint a strict diet, which must be observed.

But, how to be with ice cream, especially if the window is hot?Scientists have proved that it, like chocolate, produces serotonin in our body.In the popular way it is usually called a hormone of happiness.Thus, many people who are concerned about something can cheer themselves up with a glass of tasty filling or ice cream with vanilla or strawberry flavor.After all, this is a favorite treat for many adults and children.


And then the main question arises: can I eat ice cream with gastritis?Nobody disputes about the merits of this product: vitamins A, B, E and D, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, etc.But there are, unfortunately, shortcomings, which are connected with the diseases of the stomach.First, any food should be warm.Secondly, the food should be low-calorie.Thirdly, any kinds

of additives, dyes and preservatives are prohibited.No matter how sad, but all this is in a cold dessert.That's why ice cream is forbidden by medicine for gastritis.


Is ice cream available for gastritis? Ice cream is prohibited in case of gastritis with high acidity.Those who have gastritis with low acidity are more likely to try this product and do not do much harm to the stomach.Known very rare case, when patients with gastritis with low acidity still crossed the line of the forbidden and regaled with this product.There is a positive in all of this, some argue that in this case, patients cooled acid in the stomach, reduced pain and received a lot of positive emotions.But this, again, is an exception.And it's better not to take chances.

Adventurers in experiments with their health can only give some recommendations.If you really want ice cream and you have a gastritis with a low acidity, you can try to find the most natural product without additives and fat content of no more than 4%.Melt it to the room temperature and eat a couple of spoons.At the same time, we remind you that such an exception may not apply to you and will harm the body.