Carrot juice with gastritis, can it be raw carrots?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Gastritis

Carrot juice with gastritis Drinking freshly squeezed carrot juice with gastritis with high acidity is impossible.If the disease occurs against a background of reduced acidity, it is possible to be treated with an orange drink only after consulting a gastroenterologist.Self-medication with inflammation of the ga

strointestinal mucosa is unacceptable, otherwise the patient will suffer a sharp deterioration in the symptoms of the disease. carrots are very useful for gastritis when there is a remission.Doctors even insist on careful use of this root crop.And that's why.

Today, the causes of inflammatory and dystrophic processes, leading to destruction of the integrity of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, are well known.Due to the imbalance of nutrition, a favorable environment is formed for the life of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the main cause of gastritis development.Provoke the disease can cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, beriberi, stress, long-term treatment with drugs that lead to inflammation of the gastric mucosa.


Freshly squeezed carrot juice with gastritis is taken very carefully.It is best to drink it as a preventive measure of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.The unique composition of carrots favorably affects the mucosa, strengthening its walls.This is because in the root of the carotene and vitamin A. This tandem allows:

  1. Treat beriberi.
  2. Activate the regeneration of the walls of the vessels and mucous membrane of the hollow organs, which makes it possible to achieve scarring of ulcers and cracks.
  3. In the official medicine, preparations based on carrots are actively used as effective spasmodics.
  4. It is noticed that carrot juice reduces irritation of the walls of the stomach, provides additional protection to the mucosa.
  5. Root helps to regulate metabolic processes, so this vegetable is almost always included in the therapeutic diet menu.Answering the question whether carrots can be taken with gastritis, gastroenterologists vote for the orange root crop, but in the raw form there is no recommended, and advised to expose it before consumption of a special heat treatment.It is forbidden to only fry it, but to stew, blanch, and cook for a couple you can.

How correctly to drink carrot juice with gastritis?

Carrots with gastritis Recent scientific studies have shown that carrots can inhibit Helicobacter pylori-friendly medium for breeding bacteria, so carrots can and should be eaten with gastritis, but only for those who have the disease on the background of a decreased secretion of gastric juice.At the same time, the raw root crop must be subjected to heat treatment.


Please note!Drinking carrot juice can only be used as a preventative measure of gastritis.It is recommended to use it in freshly squeezed form.Half an hour after cooking, the drink loses half its useful properties.The juice is best absorbed when it is diluted in cream or milk in 3 to 1 proportions.

Take carrot juice for the prevention of gastritis three times a day before meals.Single dose - 150-200 grams.The course of admission is no more than a month.And once again draw attention to the fact that you can drink freshly squeezed drink only to healthy people and those who have low stomach acidity.Overdose leads to a discoloration of the skin.It turns yellow.After cancellation of juice intake, the skin gradually regains its former color.


This condition is due to the fact that the processes of purification of liver ducts are started, if a large number of slags accumulate in them, the intestine does not cope with their excretion.Slag, in this case, dissolved, are discharged from the body through the skin.