Treatment of superficial gastritis of the stomach with medicinal preparations and folk remedies, code of ICD-10, how to cure?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Gastritis

Treatment of superficial gastritis Our time of high technology involves a constant rush to get things done and not be late.It concerns both children and adults.Not everyone can not only fully monitor their health, but even just observe the correct diet.

Therefore, superficial gastritis becomes the most common disease in the modern world.More than half of the population suffers from its unpleasant symptoms.And only timely diagnostics and properly selected treatment can save a person from those torments and terrible consequences that this disease brings.

Surgeon gastritis refers to the K29 section of the ICD( International Classification of Diseases).In this disease, the morphological picture is represented by a strong inflammatory process that occurs in the mucous membrane of the stomach.Quite often, it is caused by a change in the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive organ.

In the clinical picture of superficial gastritis, which is subject to urgent treatment, in the forefront of all patients go out such complaints as seve

re pain and discomfort in the epigastric region, heaviness in the abdomen, persistent heartburn and sour with a sour taste.

Treatment of superficial gastritis should be started only when a comprehensive examination of a person who has consulted a doctor with such complaints was made and all test results were obtained, fully confirming both the form of the disease and the degree of mucosal damage.

Preliminary diagnosis( FGDS) for choosing the appropriate method of treatment is mandatory, since surface gastritis with prolonged existence may be complicated by the fact that atrophy begins to develop in the mucous membrane of the stomach.And in this case, the acid-forming function in the digestive organ can either decrease significantly, or, conversely, although rarely, sharply increase.All this requires an additional medical correction and the selection of the most appropriate in this case treatment of superficial gastritis.How to treat superficial gastritis?

How to treat superficial gastritis? Such a question arises in all patients without exception who heard such a diagnosis from the doctor.It should be immediately understood that when it comes to any disease, including this, the most important task is to stop it at the earliest stage, and then further prevention of the disease.

To treat the superficial gastritis successfully and give a positive result, it is necessary to determine the right factor of its development from the very beginning, because, on this basis, the most effective medications being the basis of treatment will be selected, as well as the appropriate diet and the appropriate therapeuticphysical Culture.

What kind of medical treatment of superficial gastritis is best?

Drug treatment of superficial gastritis All appointments in this disease are the prerogative of only a specialist doctor.Any initiative can cause irreparable harm.The choice of a suitable method begins with the determination of the reasons for which the disease arose.

If the cause of superficial gastritis is Helicobacter pylori infection, the treatment will consist of a doctor-appointed course of antibiotics, which should be drunk completely.Otherwise, after a fairly short period of time, these bacteria will resume their activities.

And if the cause of the disease is the ingestion of chemicals into the stomach, for example, of acids, alcohol poisoning in case of abuse of alcohol-containing drinks or incorrect intake of medications, it is necessary to completely change your way of life before beginning medical treatment.

If the cause of superficial gastritis is stressful situations or prolonged nervous tension, you should learn to change the attitude towards them or completely avoid them.Only in this case the treatment is able to give positive results.

And to eliminate such accompanying symptoms as nausea or vomiting, heartburn, belching, bloating, the doctor prescribes drugs that eliminate them, which greatly facilitates the patient's life.

Treatment of superficial gastritis with folk remedies

Treatment of superficial gastritis with folk remedies But not only medications can save a patient suffering from superficial gastritis of the stomach from the painful symptoms of this disease.Well-established and popular means.But their reception should begin also only after consultation with the attending physician.

Despite the fact that all inflammatory processes that occur in this disease are of a completely different nature, it is not difficult to find the appropriate folk remedy for an experienced doctor.Only use them should not be separated from medicines, but in conjunction with them.

Very good in this case will be to help such herbal collections that have enveloping effects, and also able to heal wounds and relieve inflammation.To get rid of such symptoms of superficial gastritis, as vomiting, belching, bloating, heartburn in folk medicine, there are also many tools.

Is it possible to completely cure superficial gastritis of the stomach?

How to cure superficial gastritis? A complete cure for this disease is possible only if it is started in a timely manner and the patient complies with all the recommendations of the attending physician.Then, most likely, it will not be allowed that the disease will go to a chronic stage, and even more will not cause serious complications and the disease will not serve as the beginning of such terrible diseases as an ulcer or oncology of the digestive organs.

Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the stomach should consist not only of taking tablets and herbal decoctions.Of great importance here is the normalization of nutrition, as well as the exclusion from food of such foods that irritate the mucosa of the digestive organ.

Therefore, if a patient knows that he has a K 29 code for the ICD, first of all he should pay attention to the appropriate diet in order to facilitate the work of the inflamed digestive organ.