Treatment of subatrophic gastritis of the stomach, how and what to treat, who cured?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Gastritis

Treatment of subatrophic gastritis Gastritis is a disorder that breaks the mucous membranes of the human stomach, and it can also cause digestive disturbances.And such a disease can affect people of any age, and it can be cured forever only at the initial stages.In this scenario, the food is digested for a very long time, which affects the health of the patient sufficiently.

Atrophic gastritis refers to a form that is considered a precancerous condition.With this disease, the disease develops with atrophy, the mucous membranes of the stomach are deformed, secretory deficiency appears and the number of glands decreases.

Before appointing treatment for atrophy of the gastric mucosa, the doctor must make a diagnosis.In addition, not all types can be cured forever.That is, some forms can not be cured forever, but you can only muffle the main symptoms.Gastritis with atrophy of the mucosa is diagnosed after research, which includes such:

  • Immunological examination of blood;
  • Radiographic;
  • Determination of the level of acidity of gastric
  • Fibrogastroduanoscopic.

To date, there are four main types and these include:

  1. Subatrophic gastritis, the symptoms of which indicate that the patient's body is at an early stage in the development of atrophy of the mucous membranes of the stomach.The presented type can be cured forever.
  2. Focal, accompanied by the appearance of places in which the destruction of the gastric mucosa occurs, and this provokes a decrease in the number of glands replaced by ordinary epithelium.The presented type of disease can be cured forever.
  3. Antral, which causes damage to the corresponding stomach.The launched stage of this type is not treated permanently.
  4. Multifactorial, which is accompanied by changes in the mucosa, exciting parts of the stomach.This variant of gastritis belongs to the precancerous one.The launched stage of this type is not treated forever;

Health food for gastritis

How to treat atrophic gastritis? When the symptoms worsen and they become more noticeable, the patient needs to properly build his diet.In short, you must give up too hot or cold food, do not eat spicy foods and temporarily give up alcohol.It is important to make a plan( regime) of nutrition with an emphasis on the frequency of food intake.

Subatrophic gastritis has several unusual forms of development, also atrophic gastritis can exist at a normal level of acidity of the stomach of the diseased.The disease with an increased level of acidity is characterized by a decrease in the activity of the organ, which leads to a decrease in the secretion of gastric juice.Disease with a low level of acidity is accompanied by damage to the tissues of the organ, after which the activity of juice production decreases very much.

Treatment of atrophic gastritis

Treatment of atrophic gastritis of the stomach How to cure atrophic gastritis forever?Due to the variety of manifestations of the disease, as well as a small spectrum of clinical symptoms, there is no single approach to how to treat subatrophic gastritis.It is proved that the formed pathology can not be corrected, and, therefore, it is impossible to turn the changed cells back into glandular cells.But today it is possible to effectively treat it with the help of medications at various stages, forms that prevent its further development.

Naturally, treatment should be based on the basis of the studies performed and exclusively by the doctor.Before treating atrophic gastritis, you should always consult a doctor, since treatment requires the use of various therapeutic approaches.As a rule, the treatment consists of the following stages:

  • Eradication of Helicobacter Pylori infection.At this stage, treatment is to suppress bacteria and reduce the number of drugs taken.
  • Pathogenetic therapy, involving the use of drugs from different groups simultaneously.Most often, atrophic gastritis is treated with drugs that facilitate the process of digestion, reduce inflammation, protect the mucous membrane of the stomach.Since subtropical gastritis is accompanied by a decrease in the vitamin B12 content in the body, doctors often prescribe the intake of this vitamin and mineral waters.
  • Treat atrophic gastritis with the types of medications presented with the active phase of inflammation of the gastric shell.With remission, the disease must be treated in the direction of normalizing digestion.

How to prevent subatrophic gastritis?

Doctors claim that in order to prevent gastritis, the proper treatment of the infection causing such a disease, namely Helicobacter Pylori, is necessary.For this, the patient needs to undergo treatment, which lasts for two weeks.The treatment plan includes a special diet, vitamin supplements and in some cases preparations.Most often in order to prevent this disease doctors prescribe various antibiotics, but they must be taken only after the opinion of a specialist, because as soon as the doctor can prescribe the correct treatment.