Coffee at a gastritis, whether it is possible to drink with milk?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Gastritis

Coffee with gastritis The need to comply with a therapeutic diet for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract often gives rise to a bunch of additional questions.So, for example, many would like to know if coffee is possible with gastritis?From a cup of a fragrant drink in the mornings by virtue of a habit to refuse very difficultly.But gastroenterologists, nevertheless, are advised to refrain from using this product to all those diagnosed with hyperacid gastritis.

Strongly brewed drink irritates the walls of the gastric mucosa even in those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract is not observed.When the mucosa is inflamed, the use of coffee should be minimized.


In addition to the caffeine, coffee contains special chlorogenic acids.Getting into the stomach, they provoke an "explosion" of acidity, which causes belching and severe pain.Therefore, with gastritis with high acidity, the drink is contraindicated.If you drink it on an empty stomach, the process of stimulating hydrochloric acid is started.It is produced

in large quantities.And if the stomach after that does not receive food, there is nowhere for her to go, hydrochloric acid begins to eat away the walls of the mucosa, thereby aggravating the situation.So even before the stomach ulcer is very close.

And, nevertheless, you can drink coffee with gastritis, following the following recommendations:

  1. Coffee with milk with gastritis with reduced secretion is allowed, but only in minimum quantities( no more than two cups per day).
  2. With high acidity, the drink is completely banned.But if you really want to, then you can deceive the stomach - after a meal drink a weak coffee, diluted in milk, a very small serving bowl.
  3. It is desirable to abandon soluble varieties: it is nothing more than a chemical cocktail.With the described diseases, it is better to buy an expensive grain product and use coffee makers with disposable filters.Do not buy corn, which are added to various chemical flavors.Therefore, "melted milk", grains with caramel or nutty taste are prohibited.

How to drink coffee with gastritis?

Coffee with milk for gastritis Now it remains to learn how to drink this fragrant drink correctly with gastritis:

  • First, to drink an aromatic cup of coffee gastroenterologists advise an hour after a meal.If you do this before meals, hydrochloric acid, as already mentioned above, is easy to rust the walls of the stomach.If you drink immediately after eating, excess hydrochloric acid will interfere with the process of primary processing of food and upset it, forming problems with digestion.
  • Secondly, it is better to dilute the drink with milk and wait until it cools down and becomes warm.
  • Thirdly, drinking coffee with gastritis is allowed in minimal quantities.

Can I have coffee with gastritis? When the patient develops an acute phase of the disease, he suffers pain, they muffle all the gastronomic habits.But when remission begins, the desire to live is returned.Therefore, patients with chronic disease also want to know if coffee can be given with gastritis in their case.Everything is decided in a strictly individual order in a conversation with the attending physician.Only he is able to determine whether a drink can harm health.


Of course, people indifferent to coffee can easily completely abandon its use.Well, and those who do not think their life without a fragrant drink, gastroenterologists advise to conduct one simple test.Given all of the above recommendations, try to drink a cup of diluted coffee.If after it pains in the epigastric region do not appear, there is no heartburn or nausea, then you can drink.If the reaction was negative, you should not take risks.