Unpleasant odor from mouth with gastritis and treatment from it

August 12, 2017 15:29 | Gastritis

Odor from the mouth with gastritis Gastritis - in itself is by no means the best phenomenon, which at least to a small extent, but makes itself felt almost constantly.But it's one thing to put up with something yourself and it's quite another - when the illness causes inconvenience to others and prevents you from communicating peacefully.Diseases of the stomach are insidious and in this sense, because in most cases there is an unpleasant odor from the mouth.Why does it arise and how to deal with it?

The main causes of an unpleasant odor

Gastritis and bad breath With different types of gastritis there can be various causes of bad breath.

So, for gastritis with high acidity, it is characteristic of the presence of an acidic odor, and sometimes a taste in the mouth.


If the acidity, on the contrary, is below the norm, in the stomach they do not have time to fully digest the substances that get there when eating.Particularly difficult is the situation with products with high protein content.In this case, the smell from the mouth will have a slightly putrefac

tive shade.

How to deal with bad breath?

Gastritis, odor from the mouth - treatment In order to eliminate the problem, it is necessary to remove its cause - the disease, because of which it appeared.Therefore, it is very important to take responsibility for the treatment of gastritis, consult a gastroenterologist and adhere strictly to the recommendations.This moment is particularly important when taking antibiotics - an irregular reception will cause resistance of the microorganism to the drug, which ends with regular exacerbations of chronic gastritis.


Also need to follow directly behind the oral cavity.The smell can appear if you do not brush your teeth in time, if there are foci of infection.In addition, in the absence of strict adherence to the rules of personal hygiene, it is very difficult to achieve a quick and reliable result in the fight against the disease.Teeth need to be cleaned thoroughly.And not only teeth - we must not forget about the tongue, cheeks, gaps between teeth.After brushing your teeth, you can rinse your mouth with a special balm or infusions of herbs.

Another important factor that is necessary to eliminate bad breath from gastritis is a strict diet.What is it?

Of great importance is the upbringing in oneself of the habit of eating correctly and respecting the diet.


Regular intake of medications prescribed by a doctor, adherence to hygiene rules and control over nutrition will help to successfully combat gastritis and its unpleasant consequences in the form of odor from the mouth.