Treatment of gastritis in the home, how to cure at home?

August 12, 2017 15:29 | Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammatory disease of the gastric mucosa.At home, gastritis treatment is performed only with a smooth course of the disease without complications.In the case of outbreaks of painful attacks, treatment is possible only under the supervision of a specialist and with the help of medications.Cure the disease can only be with full compliance with the diet.The diet should be strict, healthy and healthy.Rational nutrition of the patient will lead to restoration of the gastric mucosa.Before you start treating gastritis at home, you need to prepare mentally.

What products should not be in the treatment of gastritis?

Treating gastritis at home Everyone understands that at home, compliance with the diet will be very difficult.This is especially true of women who are forced to cook for their families.The ideal option is if all people close support the patient and also follow the diet.First of all, you need to know the list of food that should not fall on the eyes of a person suffering from gastritis.

Food that can not be

consumed in the treatment of gastritis at home:

  1. Smoked meats, pickles and marinades.
  2. Fried products.
  3. Alcohol, beverages containing gases, preservatives and colorants, such as juice or soda.It is also desirable to exclude coffee from the diet.
  4. Sausages( boiled, smoked and others).Meat semi-finished products.
  5. Canned food.Baking( sweet).In particular, cookies, muffins and cakes.

Be sure to remove from the menu products containing preservatives and flavors.

Recommendations for nutrition in home treatment

Treatment of gastritis in the home A person with a diagnosis of gastritis just needs a proper diet.Its focus will only be on the targeted restoration of the gastric mucosa.Perhaps some will have to work on their habits and follow the recommendations of experts.

So, the products used should not be hot.From hot food the stomach will just start to get annoyed.But cold food to the stomach is also not fun.And, means, it is necessary to find that very middle ground.Short-term fasting is practiced.Fasting should not exceed more than two days.In this case our stomach is starving, which is periodically filled with water.Such fasting is usually called curative.How to cure a home gastritis will prompt a specialist.Further instructions on the diet of the diet should also be prescribed by a person with a special education.After 2 days of hunger-strike, you can count on thin skins, broths and diluted vegetable juices.It is advisable to eat the rubbed food at the first stage of the diet.Rye bread should be removed.Replace it with wheat bread.It will be better if the bread is yesterday's cooking, not today's.Fresh wheat bread is a heavy meal, not to mention the sick stomach.

It will be better to eat mashed soups on a weak broth.Well suited soups of vermicelli or croup.The soup-mash will also be a very pleasant surprise for any stomach.

What soups need to say no?First of all, it's borsch or soup.And also all soup on saturated, rich soup: fish, meat, mushroom and vegetable.Okroshka and rassolnik also do not fit for a sick stomach.

Light, dietary and low-fat meat can be eaten, but within reasonable limits and with the correct way of preparation.That is, of course, it should not be fried meat.Duck and goose should be avoided, as it is fatty meat.Most likely, most people understand meat products and their fat content.In extreme cases, everyone has an Internet and a hospital.To appeal is to whom.Surely this is still at the very beginning will be agreed with the doctor.

All favorite eggs for breakfast should also be cooked soft-boiled or omelets.Steep and fried do not fit.Milk in the diet has a place to be.But it is not desirable to use too salty and sharp cheeses.Treatment of gastritis at home will require maximum attention from a person.Sometimes what's important is not what we eat, but how we eat it and in what form.Vegetables should be eaten, cooked for a couple or boiled.Fresh vegetables are better not to eat.As for mushrooms, it is a must-have taboo.

Do not eat:

  1. Onion.
  2. Spinach.
  3. Cabbage( white-washed).
  4. Turnip.
  5. Sorrel.
  6. Cucumbers.
  7. Radish.

You can talk about right or wrong products forever.One thing you need to know for sure, the treatment of gastritis at home is based on the correct time-based intake of food.This should be about 5 or 6 times a day.In this case, meals should be thorough.No snacks, overeating or malnutrition.All in moderation and thoroughly.Dry food consumption should not be.Let the diet alone can not cope with gastritis, but in combination it will give an excellent result.Treating the gastrointestinal tract at home is a delicate matter.In everything you need your own approach.

Treating gastritis at home with folk remedies

Cure gastritis at home Many people practiced treatment with the help of juice therapy.Of course, it should be freshly squeezed juices, not store.

For people with high acidity in the stomach, juices from raspberry, cherry, black currant and pineapple are good.With reduced acidity, it is better to use juices from potatoes, apples, aloe, citrus, cabbage and carrots.

In addition to juices at home, you can use decoctions and infusions.Thus, the recipe for infusion of St. John's wort, blueberry and plantain is known.All mixed in equal proportions, which are consumed 3 times a day for 1 tbsp.Spoons.

Linen broth perfectly envelops the walls of the stomach, preventing aggressive attack of acid.When decocted using flaxseed.

Apart from this, decoctions of licorice root, frozen sea-buckthorn berries, honey solution, water infusions of mummy and propolis, broths of St. John's wort, peppermint etc. are also known for gastritis.

All these and other folk recipes can be found in cases of gastritis.The main thing to remember is that every broth helps everyone in its own way in treating the disease at home.If one came up alone, it's not a fact that it will suit another.In addition, the form of the disease in all its own.It is advisable to consult with a doctor before conducting any procedure at home.