Diagnosis of superficial gastritis and EGD

August 12, 2017 15:29 | Gastritis

FGD in the diagnosis of superficial gastritis In medicine, more recently, a diagnosis such as superficial gastritis.Despite the fact that almost 40% of the population, starting from the earliest age and ending with deep old age, suffer from unpleasant symptoms accompanying this disease, it was simply observed for a long time, without isolating it into a separate disease and without appropriate treatment.

But practice has shown that such inaction is fraught with big problems.After all, if a person has a diagnosis of superficial gastritis, it means that he has an inflammation in the cells of the mucous membrane lining the inside of the stomach from the inside.As a result, metabolic processes are violated, and the digestive organ is no longer able to perform its functions qualitatively.


After a number of medical observations it was noted that it was the initial, superficial stage of gastritis, accompanied by an inflammatory process in the gastric mucosa, is the beginning of the transition of the disease to a chronic form, it began to be isolated as

a separate disease.

But this diagnosis can not be made on the basis of complaints from the patient alone or the results of basic urine and blood tests.This disease has too similar symptoms with other gastrointestinal diseases.And often they have a blurry picture, or do not show up at all for a long time.


To make such a diagnosis as a superficial gastritis is possible only after the examination of the biological material taken from the gastric mucosa has been performed under the microscope.Only in this case it is possible to detect those specific changes that must be observed at this stage of the development of this disease.

Such a study became possible due to such diagnostic method as FGDS( fibrogastroduodenoscopy).When carrying it out, the doctor has the opportunity to make a biopsy of the stomach mucosa and examine the pieces taken during the procedure under a microscope.Only in this way can you put a person such a diagnosis as a superficial gastritis.


FGD with superficial gastritis has become a significant step forward in the study of it and other diseases of the digestive organs, and the formulation of the correct diagnosis.After all, the sooner a person is diagnosed with the onset of such a disease as a superficial gastritis, the more likely it is to properly stop the treatment and to pick up preventive measures in the future.