Diagnosis of atrophic gastritis: diagnosis and exercise

August 12, 2017 15:29 | Gastritis

Diagnosis of atrophic gastritis Such a disease as atrophic gastritis requires prompt intervention by a qualified specialist.This reduces the digestive function.

If the diagnosis of atrophic gastritis is confirmed and not treated, complications can occur in the form of cancer.To achieve better results, science is trying to develop new methods and equipment that can determine the disease at an early stage.

As soon as a person has noticed the first signs of GI disease, he should go to a clinic where specialists will prescribe all the necessary procedures for detecting ailment.

Atrophic gastritis: diagnostics

Atrophic gastritis and EGD Medicine, like other sciences, does not stand still, that's why specialists try to make a survey at the first stages of the onset of the disease.Thus, there is a chance in time to stop the inflammatory process, leading to an oncological disease.


With standard gastroscopy, it is impossible to detect atrophic gastritis, let alone see the area covered by the disease.In the case of FGD, a mucosal biopsy should be performed to cor

rectly assess the patient's condition.Taken pieces of tissue stained with a special dye, which will show the degree of development of the disease.

When investigating atrophic gastritis, EGF and other similar procedures, doctors are appointed to avoid making a mistake with the diagnosis.More recently, a special panel has been developed that allows carrying out research data.The invention allows efficient and rapid determination of the level of gastric atrophy.

During the diagnosis, specialists study the ratio of pepsinogen to histamine.If these rates are significantly lower than normal, it can be said with certainty that the patient's diagnosis is atrophic gastritis.

The new panel is much more efficient than the panel that allows you to make a mucosal biopsy.This is due to the fact that the diagnosis of atrophic gastritis is marked by a smooth mucosa.Most patients notice a change in the size of the stomach.


When carrying out ultrasound, you can see the same picture.Such a study allows specialists to determine whether there are pathologies that will interfere with treatment.The pancreas, gallbladder and other organs are carefully examined.

The acidity of the gastric juice decreases several times.It is best if the acidity is checked throughout the day.To receive the tests, the doctor prescribes a procedure - probing.In patients suffering from such an ailment, the acidity is within 3-6.

It is necessary to obtain a complete picture of the analysis of stool, so that you can determine the secretion deficiency.This analysis will show the amount of intracellular starch, as well as the digestibility of cellulose.


To exclude a tumor, MSCT of the gastrointestinal tract is urgently performed.When you install a diagnosis of atrophic gastritis, the doctor makes the treatment.Also, the patient will have to adhere to a strict diet, otherwise you can not wait for recovery.

Treatment for diagnosis of atrophic gastritis

Diagnosis of atrophic gastritis As soon as a concomitant diagnosis is made, treatment should be started immediately.Each patient should be excluded from his diet:

  • Food that can irritate the mucous.
  • Drinks containing alcohol and caffeine are contraindicated.
  • It's better not to eat fat and fried.

Having formed the right diet, you can go to the drug treatment that the specialist will prescribe.It should be remembered that to restore the function of digestion will take a long time, so you need to be patient and do everything the doctor says.