Reflux-bulbite and gastritis

August 12, 2017 15:29 | Bulbet

Reflux Bulbite To answer the question, what is reflux-bulbit, you can only after a brief review of the features of human anatomy.Inside us there are organs that can be divided conditionally into two large groups: hollow and parenchymal.

Hollow organs are tubes and ducts of various lengths, widths and diameters, with thick, elastic wall-shells and an internal cavity through which something constantly flows in a strictly defined position.When a malfunction occurs and unnatural movement of the contents of the hollow organs occurs, a pathology arises, which is called reflux-bulbit.Since a similar phenomenon can occur in any hollow organ, a double name is used to make the diagnosis.If the food masses, for example, begin to move from the intestine to the stomach, reflux-bulbit gastritis occurs.

Causes of reflux gastritis and bulbitis

Reflux-bulbit gastritis Both the stomach and the duodenum are hollow organs.On them the food masses move and during the process of digestion are digested and absorbed by the body.The duodenum is the first section

of the small intestine.From the stomach it is separated by a small protrusion, similar to an onion.The ducts of the gall bladder come out here.They supply the enzymes necessary for the process of cleavage of the lump already processed by the stomach.


On the walls of all the designated organs there are muscles, they constantly contract and relax, thereby creating pressure and pushing the food mass in the right direction.So that the masses do not return back, along the path of their following on each organ there are sphincter-valves, shrinking, they close the entrance or exit from the hollow organ, unclenching, open it.

When the sphincter located at the outlet of the stomach becomes weak, it can not contain the food masses, because of the high pressure in the gut they begin to move back into the stomach.The walls of the mucosa become inflamed, so there is a reflux-gastritis bulbit.

When the upper gastric valve does not work, the food is thrown back together with the gastric juice, thrown into the esophagus and provokes the formation of heartburn, the appearance of rubbing and heaviness in the upper area of ​​the sternum.Severe pain occurs if the patient eats "heavy" food.Similar phenomena and the reflux-bulbit gastritis itself is dangerous because it can provoke disturbances in the coordination of the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


Causes and Symptoms

Reflux-gastritis bulbit A decrease in the sphincter tone may be due to several factors.The most common of them is easy to identify.

  1. Various gastritis and peptic ulcer.
  2. Gastrointestinal surgery.
  3. Presence of diabetes mellitus.
  4. Addiction to alcoholic beverages, smoking.
  5. Incorrect power mode.

Symptoms of reflux-bulbit are similar to the usual surface bulbitis or gastritis, which is at the earliest stage of development.Diagnosis of pathology allows x-rays and gastroscopy.It clearly shows any pathological changes in the gastric mucosa.Do gastroscopy on an empty stomach, before the procedure is to notify the doctor about the presence of existing allergic reactions, the presence of diabetes.


Do not be afraid of discomfort.The doctor with local anesthetic reduces the sensitivity of the root of the tongue, will make an all-calming injection, make sure that the patient can fully breathe and not experience inconveniences in the throat.

Reflux-gastritis is treated with special diets.To all the patients, who are diagnosed with the described pathology, the meds advise after a meal to do a bit of physical work, and not lie down on the sofa.