Catarrhal bulbitis of the stomach - symptoms, treatment, diet

August 12, 2017 15:29 | Bulbet

Bulbit catarrhal When a bulb located on the border between the stomach and intestine, there is a long inflammatory process, doctors diagnose catarrhal bulbitis.There is no such disease in the international classification, but for the convenience of the physician several stages of the indicated pathology are isolated.In contrast to superficial bulbite catarrhal is characterized by the manifestation of symptoms with large time intervals.They are similar to the symptoms of duodenal diseases.The patient has pain, cramping in nature.It is localized in the epigastric region, and then is given in the navel.Its intensity is sharply reduced after taking medications that normalize the acidity of the stomach.And this is the most important symptom of the described disease.

In addition to pain, the patient suffers from heartburn, a constant eructation, which occurs after each meal.In the mouth there is a strong bitterness, an unpleasant smell is heard from the mouth, which does not pass even after cleaning the teeth.In acute course,

the catarrhal bulbit causes nausea, which only occurs after vomiting.Symptomatic symptoms may include increased fatigue and the presence of dizziness, sweating and sleep disturbances, irritability and disability.



If you find at least one symptom, you should immediately consult a doctor.To confirm the diagnosis, he will prescribe the passage of fibrogastroduodenoscopy.If she shows that the mucous bulb has a bright "burnt" surface, the wrinkles, enlarged capillaries, the doctor will diagnose "catarrhal bulbitis of the stomach."In this disease, fibrogastroduodenoscopy also detects residual fluid in the stomach cavity, casting of bile and a large amount of turbid mucus.


Catarrhal bulbit treatment For the purpose of treatment, it is necessary to identify the root cause of the development of pathology.There can be several.Often, catarrhal bulbitis of the stomach occurs when eating disorders.The cause of damage to the mucosa can be long diets, uncontrolled starvation, infatuation with fatty, salty, spicy food, alcohol abuse, smoking, poor immunity.In this case, patients are advised to completely change their lifestyle and diet.Restrictive diet for catarrhal bulbits is similar to a diet for peptic ulcer.


You have to eat six times a day in small portions.From the diet will have to completely eliminate fried foods, smoked products, canned food, fatty delicacies.The amount of salt must be reduced to a minimum.Allowed to eat only boiled vegetables and lean meat, steamed.From raw vegetables with a rough texture, too, will have to give up for a long time.Under the ban, carrots, cabbage, radish - all that contains coarse fiber.Thus, a mild catarrhal bulb is treated - the diet helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and greatly alleviate the condition of the patient.

Helicobacter pylori bacteria can be the main source of inflammation of the mucous bulb.In this case, the basis of treatment will be antibiotics, as well as antacids - drugs that help reduce the acidity of the stomach.In the company with them prescription drugs are enveloping the action and reparants for the removal of inflammation.


Provoke bulbut catarrhal is capable and reduced immunity.In this case, patients are prescribed the intake of vitamins and immunocorrectors.Bulbit catarrhal, caused by intestinal worm infection, is treated with sedative tablets.As an additional therapy, enhancing the effect of treatment, traditional medicine is used.