Bulbit stomach - symptoms, treatment, diet, what is it, how to treat folk remedies?

August 12, 2017 15:29 | Bulbet

Very many doctors today diagnose bulbit stomach, what is it, could tell in detail experienced gastroenterologist.This disease is associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bulb - a small organ that is located between the stomach and duodenum.More often the pathology can directly be connected with a gastritis, quite often it is its consequence.But there are other reasons that are capable of provoking characteristic symptoms.

Who has a bulbite?

Bulbit stomach, what is it? There are several reasons why there is a stomach bulbitis - treatment is prescribed with their consideration:

  • The main culprit for the destruction of the mucous bulb is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.It settles on the mucosa, actively multiplies and because of the products of the microbial activity, inflammation develops.
  • Second place in the prevalence is the violation of intestinal peristalsis.As a result of a malfunction in the duodenum, the gastric juice is discharged along with the mucus consisting of food residues and enzymes.Such a m
    ixture causes damage to the mucosa, a bulbit arises, the photo clearly shows how the healthy organ changes.
  • On the third place physicians put deterioration of the emotional state of a person.It is proved that prolonged stresses, malnutrition, chronic overfatigue provoke a spasm of the intestinal vessels.As a result, the tissues lack the necessary nutrition, so they begin to gradually die off.There is a bulbitis of the stomach, the treatment of which will be very long.
  • Lesion of the mucous bulb can cause parasites that have settled in the intestine.From them, today no one is immune.In lamblias or ascarids, there is often a bulbitis of the stomach, which is the fact that few know that patients who experience malaise rarely consult a doctor, as a consequence - the disease passes into a chronic stage, difficult to diagnose, requiring an integrated approach to treatment.
  • Moderate manifestations of the described disease appear in those who take large doses of alcohol, those who smoke a large number of cigarettes a day, those who love excessively spicy and salty foods.Excess fried foods in the daily diet, a large number of chemical flavors, dyes, canned food, also causes the disease, its symptoms are well studied.We denote the most characteristic of them.

What does the patient feel like a bulbit stomach?

Bulbit stomach - treatment How to distinguish the disease from other diseases, what symptoms accompany it?About two hours after eating, the patient begins to experience discomfort in the solar plexus.There is a cutting pain, reflected on the right side of the navel and under the ribs.During the period of exacerbation, it becomes acute.

Violation of the intestinal peristalsis leads to the formation of eructations, in the mouth there is bitterness, which is capable of provoking a fit of vomiting.All these symptoms are accompanied by dizziness, there is a strong weakness, a person can shiver, and then sharply throw in sweat.In the acute course of the disease, the described manifestations proceed brightly, the one with a chronic bulbitis of the stomach, the symptoms are slightly erased.

Diagnostic methods

Bulbit stomach treatment It is very difficult to recognize bulbits of the stomach.That this such, visually can show only gastroduodenoskopija.It reveals the characteristic reddening of the mucosa, the bulb extension, reveals the stagnation of food in it.To confirm the diagnosis, an X-ray pass is additionally prescribed, using an X-ray contrast material.With this study, all of the above symptoms are also clearly visible.The doctor additionally produces the epigastric region palpation.When examining it with the help of the hands, the patient feels a sharp pain in the peripodal region.

Types of stomach bulbit

Diet with bulbite of the stomach When answering the question of how to treat bulbits of the stomach, it is important to identify the root cause of the disease and determine the severity of the disease.

If the disease affects only the upper mucous layer of the bulb, a superficial bulbitis is diagnosed, treatment is led to the use of a special diet.The patient is recommended to give up bad habits, he is recommended to completely exclude fried foods, sharp and salty dishes from the diet.The clinic is obvious: the symptoms described above are slightly erased, the pain passes after eating or when using mucus-coated medicines and folk remedies.

Pathology can be acute, or wear a protracted character, passing into the stage of a chronic disease.A prolonged inflammatory process indicates the presence of catarrhal bulbitis of the stomach, the diet in this case is prescribed the same as in peptic ulcer.

When the inflammation of the mucosa leads to the death of tissues, erosive bulbitis of the stomach arises, what is it, we will tell in a separate article.We note only one thing: the final stage of this stage of pathology leads to the formation of ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.